Aim of the policy: To create a conducive platform for encouraging the faculty to undertake cutting-edge research and to produce quality output.

Policy: The policy is to ensure that any employee who has undertaken quality research to be encouraged and to be rewarded for the progression of such research.

The terms and conditions of R&D Policy are as follows:

  • An employee is eligible to apply for an incentive under R&D policy only if he/she has undertaken research/research-related work.
  • This criterion only considers the faculty output in research during the academic year under consideration.
  • R&D output includes research articles published in National and International Journals, Articles presented in National and International Conferences, Conferences/Workshops/Symposium organized and participated.

It also considers the quality of the research. Research score is computed based on Global R&D quality indices like Citation index, impact factor, H-index etc which are updated from time to time

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Sponsored Research


  • Sionc Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2010,  is specialized in manufacturing of complex and niche Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients in various therapeutic categories. Sionc has evolved as a reliable contributor in the generic drug industry for Regulatory markets.
  • It is located in Pharmacity, Parwada, Visakhapatnam
  • A project on impurity profiling was written to the Sionc pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. For Rs.30 lakhs and got sanctioned for Rs. 25 lakhs after the final presentation and many iterations
  • The project was approved for three years i.e from 2019 to 2021
  • In the current academic year i.e 2019-2020 Rs. 7 lakhs was released and the work is under process.
  • Once a project is written for a funding agency, starting from it’s evaluation, presentation to till the grant of funding it’s distribution are the prime goal of research committee
  • Funding sponsored by funding agencies will be executed based on the suggestions proposed by Research committee

Consultancy (from Industry) 

Consultancy project obtained from Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories worth– Rs. 11.98 lakhs


  • Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories has initiated an interactive class room teaching to impart pharmacy knowledge for their employees at VIPT. The DRL students will be utilizing the classroom and laboratory facilities for the theory and skill development as apart of this induction programme. They have successfully completed as a part of SMT (Self Motivated Team)
  •  Research committee designs a policy for the disbursement of funding released by industry once the proposal is accepted

        Details of funding given by Dr. Reddys laboratories


Date of fund release

Amount Released (Rs.)


















11, 98, 200


 Invoice for Dr. Reddy’s  Laboratories



 Classroom interaction (Dr. Reddy’s Lab students)



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